School Tales 2017 movie download torrent


School Tales 2017 movie download torrent

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Members of the school TalesThe school`s them there in the orchestra rehearsal at the school ground, so that their practice ends later, they decided to spend the night there. A gang of mischievous students gather for sessions ghost stories, and tells the real horror stories about their school who passedfrom from generation to generation.Telling session, some students decided to have a test of courage, to find out whether the real urban legend. However, when a group of studentivpovertayetsya, some of them are missing.

Language: Thai

Classification: P13

General Release Date: March 92 017

Genre: Horror

duration:1:00 38 minutes

Distributor: MM2 Entertainment SDN BHD

Starring: Sedthawut Anusit, Ranida Techasit, Ekkawat Ekatchariya, Teetatch Ratanasritai

Directed by: Pass Patthanakumjon

Format: 2D

School Tales 2017